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Mind Body Brand is weekly wellness newsletter created to encourage overwhelmed women entrepreneurs to prioritize rest in both their work and daily lives.

In a world that is constantly telling us to hustle harder, do more and be better, our mission is to help women entrepreneurs to lean into ease and rest one newsletter at a time.

What To Expect

I (Alisha 👋🏾) believe that wellness and self-care shouldn’t be complicated. So each week I strive to create content that is easy to consume, entertaining and will encourage you to take at least 10 minutes (or less) to yourself. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • The 5 Minute Reset: My weekly musings on entrepreneurship and how we can cultivate a life outside of the hustle. You can listen to the audio version too!

  • A collection of wellness and business related articles

  • Product and resource recommendations to inspire you to stay well & run your business with ease.

Upgrade Your Experience

Paid subscribers get access to even better perks! With your paid subscription you’ll receive:

  • A monthly Self-Care Toolkit that features a guided meditation, curated playlist, journal prompts and more!

  • Quarterly member only events

  • Member only chat with weekly discussions

  • Deep dives into each weekly newsletter

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Meet Alisha 👋🏾

Hey friend! I’m Alisha! For the past 8+ years I worked online as a business coach. That was until burnout repeatedly kicked my 🍑 Now I spend my days writing and curating experiences to help other women entrepreneurs to prioritize rest over the hustle. I’m so happy to have you here!

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Mind Body Brand is a weekly wellness newsletter that encourages women entrepreneurs to prioritize rest. Entrepreneurship is hard AF. Consider this your permission to pause.


Alisha Robertson

Helping women entrepreneurs prioritize rest one weekly email at a time. Currently building www.MindBodyBrand.co