OMG! The way this HIT me!! I'm terrified of failing publicly as well! But what's funny is I have an entire exercise I teach my clients about failing forward and how it doesn't feel good when you're in it. I'm constantly failing forward and refining! I identify soooo much with this. Listen Alisha... I'm here for the pivots, the community, all of it! It's interesting that you count your stuff as failures, because I've followed you (silently for most years) since you were creating printed products and books and planners -- before LOE and I think EVERYTHING you've put your hand to has been amazing! I loved receiving your handwritten note when you launched Intentionally Made. I listened to the podcastfrom the beginning. I'm loving watching your journey! I wished I knew about your recent event this past summer sooner because I would have flown out to meet you. All of this to say: your authenticity is a breath of fresh air! I think you don't need to be so concerned about failure because YOUR people will follow YOU! You are the secret sauce and we're happy to be along for the ride! I couldn't make the community lives because I was finishing my doctorate. I am here for everything you're doing and if I'm here I know there are women like me who are here too! Thanks for being brave and sharing your story!

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